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20 October 2016 @ 11:08 pm
Marilyn Manson  
I used to be a big Marilyn Manson fan, but then he changed and I wasn't so sure anymore. Now I feel like he's slowly coming back.

I listened to "The Pale Emperor" and I quite liked it (Even my mom liked it), and I'd say it's around the same level of "The Golden Age Of Grotesque".
I personally prefer his earlier works, with "Holy Wood" being my favourite though that's more of a nostalgic choice than an objective one.

Most of my favourite songs are actually in "Mechanical Animals", and if you ask me my favourite song I'd probably say "Tourniquet" which is in "Antichrist Superstar".
I just really like all three albums basically.

I'm listening to Marilyn Manson's songs a lot lately and it's bringing back memories of school.
I vaguely remember talking to my middle school art teacher about that Nine Inch Nails video "Starfuckers Inc.", but I can't remember what I said (Probably something about Manson in drag).
Thinking back maybe that's why my music teacher later asked me to bring metal music to show the class.

I actually had no idea who Nine Inch Nails even were, and I still don't really. Back then they wouldn't air those videos during the day, but there actually was a night show focused on that. So I started recording all night, on video cassette of course.

The whole school knew I liked him, people I didn't even know, I guess it happens when you grow up in a small town (And I may have accidentally given a bad reputation to my second cousin who attended the same school).

Everyone came to me saying things like "You know he got his ribs removed so he could suck himself?" or "You know the boobs he had were real? He had a temporary boob job!".
Even back then I knew those rumors were simply ridiculous.

I was only a 10 y.o. when I heard him for the first time. It may surprise some but I was never scared of him, I found him interesting.
I always thought it was obvious how his image is meant to shock and doesn't represent who he really is, but many still don't get it.

Their style felt 'new' in the 90's. I know Marilyn Manson is a band, I did do my researches even though I never quite learned all the members' names. Internet was just starting out and most sites were in English (which I couldn't speak yet) so my only sources were music magazines and MTV.

In High School I found another fan and we would sing "Angel with the scabbed wings" while drawing in art class. And they called us vampires because we both had pale skin and dark hair. That was fun.

"Angel with the scabbed wings" was also the first song I tried translating when I was self teaching myself English, I sat with a dictionary on my lap and the album booklet in my hands trying to make sense out of it. Only to decide his lyrics were far too complicated and trying something else.

He has a new album called "Say10" scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day, he described it as a mix of "Antichrist Superstar" and "Mechanical Animals", I'm looking forward to it.

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