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25 June 2016 @ 10:57 pm
After re-watching Gravitation I randomly discovered that they just released a new song compilation. Of course it's made by Daisuke but he actually got Kinya to re-record those songs.

Kinya Kotani who left 15 years ago, changed his look and made his own songs, only to revert back to his old self recently.

He now has a band and a new solo song, also produced by Daisuke.

I remember watching the PV for his song BLAZE but I was like "No, this isn't Kinya".
It's a nice song but I just couldn't recognize him, my sister also felt the same...

He doesn't seem to have changed much after all, I wonder if this means there's still hope for the others...
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Current Music: Kinya Kotani - Yuutsu Na Seven Days